Erin Experiments with Ingredients

Nom nom nom!

So I came home with some time to cook tonight and just decided to pretend to know what I was doing and make something like a Mexican rice and veggie mix. Basically this is one of those times that I just threw a bunch of stuff in my wok and saw what came out. And what came out, was glorious. And half Chinese. So I guess it was like a spicy, Mexican-Chinese veggie and rice mix.

Erin’s new recipe:

1 can of sweet corn
dash of black pepper
a lot of chili powder (everything tastes better spicy)
dash of salt
dash of garlic powder
dash of onion powder
dash of chili flakes
Put all these things in a skillet with some oil. Cook it for 5 min.
Add in:
2 diced tomatoes
1 can of black beans
add any more of the spices that you want, to taste.
Cook another 5 min.
Add 1 egg
Stir the egg around till it’s kind of cooked.
Add in minute rice (yea I know…but I don’t have a rice cooker yet) and some water (the tomatoes should get all soupy and juicy so you might not need much water)
Set it on low so the rice has time to soak up the water and plump.

Eat it up. Yum yum yum.


3 thoughts on “Erin Experiments with Ingredients

  1. Making rice in the pot is super easy! Just put in the desired amount of rice. Using your finger, fill to you second knuckle above the rice with water. Cook on high until it boils, stir, and turn to low heat. Put on a lid and DO NOT lift it for 15-20 minutes. The time varies based on the kind of rice you use. Sushi rice cooks the quickest…my pots have glass lids so I check that way.

  2. Living in China and having a rice cooker has totally spoiled me, Rach. I love them. I’m going to have to get one soon.

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