When Erin Makes Mac & Cheese…

So I feel like I’ve forgotten everything in my life but ENG 105 in the past few weeks. I’ve sadly behind on posting here, so I’m going to attempt to make up for it in the next few days. The first attempt is my own personal Mac & Cheese recipe which has been perfected over years of trial and error.

Erin’s Crazy-Awesome Mac & Cheese recipe

Box of macaroni (yes, I cheat and do it this way)
(Also, all the things the box of macaroni & cheese says you need to complete it. Usually it’s butter, milk and salt)
chili powder
Cilantro (either fresh or dried)
black pepper

1. Make the Mac & Cheese just as the box says.
2. After the Mac & Cheese is done add the rest of the ingredients (to taste, because I rarely measure). I usually add a LITTLE extra milk because I let it sit on low heat on the stove for at least another 5 minutes so that all the spices get assimilated into the cheese sauce.

Yea, I know. Why would I use a box of Mac & Cheese when I could make it from scratch? Well, the thing is that I only tend to eat Mac & Cheese when I’m in a huge hurry so it’s just easier to use the boxed variety. If you want to make it from scratch all the more power to you. I can’t be bothered. Haha.

On another note:
I just made this for dinner tonight because I have to be somewhere pretty soon. Didn’t have any cilantro in my house so instead I took the advice on the back of the box of macaroni and tried adding salsa to it. It was super yummy. So there’s another idea for you. Thank you box of macaroni from Target!
I think next time I make this I’m going to add ginger powder. I’ll post a comment or another quick short post and let you all know how that experiment goes.


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