A Spaghetti Experiment

Erin Experiments with Spaghetti

So pasta is one of my favorite things EVER and I’m always eating it (maybe that’s why I’m so chunky right now…haha). Sometimes I don’t always have enough stuff in my house to make spaghetti sauce so I have to do what so many others do….improvise. Last night I improvised a sauce that was really great. When I improvise I don’t measure, so I don’t have the measurements to give you all. However I CAN offer you a list of the ingredients I used.

Erin’s Spaghetti Sauce Experiment 4/1/2010:

4 tiny tomatoes (they were the really small ones…can’t remember the name)
red wine
apple cider vinegar
onion powder
garlic powder
black pepper
ketchup (just a bit)
olive oil
chili pepper flakes

So I combined these things in the wok with the spaghetti I’d just made and it came out pretty well.


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