Beer Battered Fried Tofu

Tofu from the oven, just ready to be turned.

Well, I thought I’d take a look at Miss Giovanina’s guest cooking column on Scarlet Lily’s blog for a recipe this week. I remembered her posting this beer battered tofu recipe and I was all excited about it. Now, mine didn’t turn out very well…definitely not as pretty as Miss Gi’s, but then again I don’t have the mad culinary skills that she does. Or perhaps I wasn’t drinking enough as I cooked. Anyway the tofu TASTED amazing and at the moment that’s what really counts. I can learn the prettiness later. So thanks Miss Gi for posting your lovely culinary experiences on Scarlet Lily’s blog so we can all learn from you. Speaking of Miss Scarlet Lily, there’s a link on my page to her blog, which is usually quite amusing. You can find all of Gi’s recipes there under the category of “Home Grown Tomatoes.” Link to the blog entry for this recipe is right here!

Jake picked out the beer we used for this recipe. Good work Jake!

I’m not actually going to attempt to re-post the recipe on my blog because you really HAVE to read Giovanina’s post to get the idea of the awesomeness that is her cooking genius. Not to mention that her blogging “voice” is quite amusing and fun to read. But I will say a couple of things. I added dried dill to my tofu when I stuck it in the oven, just to experiment.

Finished fried tofu (definitely NOT as pretty as Gi's)

It was pretty good. Also I think the reason mine didn’t turn out so pretty is that I ran out of oil (I’m not always a good shopper…I frequently forget things that I need) so I couldn’t fry them up exactly as I should have. I know, I’m an awful person.
Anyway, I’ll post some pictures of the end result of my experimentation and please see Gi’s column to get the lovely recipe for yourself.

Dinner's ready! (Vegetables by Jake)


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