What to do with Leftovers…

So I know I haven’t been keeping up on this blog lately. Sorry about that kids but….I’M IN ALASKA! Came up here to surprise my awesome Jake for his birthday (albeit a bit of a belated surprise but better late than never) and have not been posting. My apologies. I HAVE been cooking though. And I have been recording it in photos for posterity. So I hope to catch up this week. Here’s my first post (I’ll do two posts today).

This is just a quick note.

What to do with leftover burritos

A little bit ago I posted a recipe for Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burritos. They are yummy-fied goodness. However I had a lot of that concoction left and only one more tortilla to put it in. And then I was leaving in a day for Alaska. So I thought up a genius (not really) idea to use up the leftovers.

I made scrambled eggs and added in the burrito filling and fried that up together. Then I lined a bowl with the last tortilla, put the egg & burrito mixture on top, & covered that in cheese. And that goodness is what you see going on in this picture. It was a great idea to do that. SO delicious. So if you have a lot of the burrito stuff leftover and no/few tortillas and you don’t want to buy any more because you’re traveling to a different state, that is my suggestion.

And P.S. yes that IS my awesome red kitchen in the background. 😉


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