Mushroom Madness

Mushroom-y goodness!

So after arriving back in Flagstaff a little over a week ago, I received a welcome home present from my friend Brian. It was a new cookbook! Excitement plus! You can find a link to buy this lovely cookbook on the cookbooks page. Anyway, it had this great brunch idea for mushrooms on toast that we decided to try the next day at a breakfast gathering. We got back to Mike’s house only to discover that we had no bread, but it didn’t really matter because the mushrooms were so good by themselves that we ate them up super fast. This is not the most involved or complex recipe, in fact, pretty much anyone could think of it. However I’d never thought to try it yet and it was delicious so here it is.

Mushroom Madness

As many button mushrooms as you think you can eat

1. Saute the mushrooms in the butter till cooked through, adding salt and pepper to taste as they cook.
2. If you have toast, put them on it. If not, it doesn’t matter, they’re just yummy.

I also made another recipe from that same cookbook for breakfast that day. I’ll be posting that up tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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