Hangzhou Cuisine featured on NPR!

So on NPR’s Kitchen Window this week they decided to feature Hangzhou cuisine. I don’t know how they decide to choose these things, but…excellent decision! Author of the article, Laura McCandlish, is now my new favorite chef for bringing the food of the city I lived in and love to the general American public. I’m going to put the link to the NPR article below and you can look forward to my own attempts to cook these dishes in the near future. I know, I know. You’re all sitting there saying: “What the heck Erin? These have MEAT in them.” Well I don’t care, this is about my Chinese hometown’s food and I’ll eat that meat and love it because I MISS HANGZHOU!

Check out the article on NPR and check out Laura McCandlish’s own blog about cooking. I’ll include both links below so you don’t have to spend time and tears looking for them.

NPR article on Hangzhou Cuisine

Laura McCandlish’s Blog


2 thoughts on “Hangzhou Cuisine featured on NPR!

  1. How did you fare as a vegetarian in China? The Dongpo ‘Pork’ recipe is all veg, with winter melon, which I bought at an Asian market. And you should be able to do the soft tofu soup without meat. I would just brown some onions first in oil, in place of the shrimp and pork.

    • I didn’t fare too well as a vegetarian in China. Haha. Actually when I was in China I tried as much as possible to avoid meat unless I couldn’t. You know, I’m sure, that there are many times when you don’t want to offend your host/hostess by refusing to eat. I always considered that much more important than my vegetarianism…particularly in a country where they might not exactly understand that choice all the time.

      Thanks for the suggestions on making the recipes vegetarian-friendly! I’m really excited about the Dongpo “pork” recipe. I LOVED the taste but NOT what it was made out of (even when I WAS eating meat…haha). And I haven’t had winter melon such I lived in China.

      I’m watching your blog pretty closely. Keep doing all those wonderful things that you do! 🙂

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