The Grand Guinness Dinner Part II


So I needed something delicious to serve with the Guinness Beef Stew. It seems only right to me that if you have stew you NEED to have potatoes of some sort (hence the chive-y mashed potatoes) and some kind of bread as well. Since I just happened to have some leftover Guinness in the bottle I used for the Guinness Beef Stew I decided to attempt to combine it with a loaf of super crusty bread Jake and Mike happened to have sitting in the kitchen. Here is the result.

Guinness Dijon Cheese Bread

Long crusty loaf of bread
Leftover Guinness from the Guinness Beef Stew recipe
Dijon mustard
Cheese (of your choice)

Post Oven

1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
2. Cut a slit through the center of the bread, horizontally.
3. Take the rest of the bottle of Guinness from making the recipe above and distribute it along the cut of the bread, soaking the bread with it.
4. Take a small amount of butter and spread a thin layer inside the cut.
5. Take Dijon mustard and spread it inside the cut. Remember that Dijon mustard has a really strong flavor so a little goes a long way.
6. Stuff the bread with the cheese you chose.
7. Top the bread with diced chives.
8. Put the bread in the oven till the cheese is all melted and beginning to brown.


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