Pork Chops and Beer Bacon Gravy

Pork Chops with Beer Bacon Gravy

Was wasting some time last week before heading off to teach ENG 105 and decided to do that by watching snippets of cooking shows (are you REALLY surprised?) on Hulu. I found Rachel Ray’s “30 Minute Meals” and thought: “Okay Rachel Ray, let’s see what you’ve got.” Some of the recipes actually looked rather interesting so I decided to give a few of them a whirl. The first that I have tried is her recipe for Pork Chops and Beer Bacon Gravy. Before cooking, I was warned by my friend Corwin (who has the most awesome sunglasses in the world) that his mom has bought him more Rachel Ray cookbooks than he feels comfortable admitting in public and that whenever he has tried the recipes they have always been rather tasteless. I would tend to agree with him on that. If I make this again I would do it a lot differently. That said, I also got home and realized that I had forgotten 2 of the ingredients for the gravy but I went ahead anyway. You can find this on Hulu here!

Pork Chops and Beer Bacon Gravy

2 1-inch thick pork chops (with bones)
salt and pepper to taste
drizzle of olive oil
2 slices of smokey bacon
1 medium onion, chopped
black pepper, to taste
1 beer (a German beer that’s Amber or Dark)
1/2 cup chicken stock

1. Season front and back of pork chops with the salt and pepper.
2. Cook the pork chops over medium-high to high heat 8-10 minutes.
3. Once the pork chops are about done, take them off the heat and move them to a platter. Cover them in aluminum foil so they can finish cooking off the heat.
4. In the same pan that you cooked your pork chops, drizzle some olive oil and cook your bacon over medium heat.
5. Add in the onion and cook till tender.
6. Add a little black pepper, to taste.
7. Add in flour and cook, stirring occasionally for a couple of minutes.
8. Add in the beer and let it reduce.
9. Add in chicken stock and turn the heat back up to high.
10. Let the mixture cook till it reaches gravy-y consistency.
11. Pour over pork chops and serve!

I made garlic and basil mashed potatoes to go along with this. Who’s ever heard of gravy without mashed potatoes anyway? It just seems wrong. Anyway, obviously I didn’t eat this stuff, but Jake did and said it was pretty lovely. I tried a bite of the mashed potatoes with the beer bacon gravy just because I was curious to see what it tasted like. It wasn’t bad though I think next time I’d add in a few more spices. I think a good rule with Rachel Ray stuff (if Corwin’s advice and my experience are really correct) is to always be ready to change it. The recipe seemed to make a good basic idea, but it needed some tweaking to be really nice.


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