Jake Spice

Jake Spice has made me love corn on the cob again! I used to eat corn on the cob all the time when I was a kid. In fact, I ate it so much that I think I ate myself into hating it. And that has been my mantra for many MANY years now (since around middle school, I’d say). This past 4th of July weekend Jake and I went on a crazy camping/ATV trip up into the mountains near Healy, Alaska and the Usibelli Coal Mine, etc. It was a crazy trip in which we camped out, ate lots of good camping types of food and got really wet crossing rivers in the 4-wheeler.

Jake Spice on corn on the cob. Awesome view in the background.

The last night we decided to cook up all our extra grub and have a massive feast of epic proportions. We had 3 ears of corn for some reason. Jake must’ve bought them because I don’t remember shoving them into the cooler and I wouldn’t have chosen them myself. We drizzled them with some olive oil we had put into a tiny container and then sprinkled them with some Jake Spice. Jake Spice had been invented earlier that weekend when we were putting the cooler together. We didn’t feel like putting a bunch of baggies of spices into the cooler so we grabbed a small container of garlic powder that was about out and Jake started throwing spices into it willy-nilly. After expressing some concern over the large amount of black pepper he scooped into the jar (it really WAS too much, and the version I’ve given you below is adjusted) and adding some more spices to counteract its spicy effects, we decided to call it good, screwed on the jar’s lid and tossed it into the cooler. Jake Spice is not revolutionary. I’m sure a million people have done it before. But we haven’t, so we got to name it and feel special and superior about it. Take note that you should alter your own recipe for Jake Spice as you see fit. If you are crazy like Jake and like a ton of black pepper then add more, if you love your garlic then toss in some more garlic powder. The point is to take this small idea and create something of your own from it. So go!

Jake Spice
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon dried basil

1. Combine all ingredients in a salt shaker or an empty spice container.
2. Shake to blend.
3. Use at your leisure.

Chowing down on corn on the cob...with Jake Spice!


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