Erin’s Microwave Tofu Herb Soup

Erin's Microwave Tofu Herb Soup

Have you noticed a trend lately? Yea…I’ve been creating a lot of microwavable soups these days. It just makes more sense with Jake working during the day to either eat leftovers or not cook a huge crazy recipe just for me. I save the big recipe experiments for when Jake is home. Plus, with this whole no running water thing, it’s just easier to either not eat lunch or make something that lives in only one dish. So here’s another fast and easy take on a microwave soup featuring tofu and egg noodles and a bunch of lovely spices that enter the soup dried and get rejuvenated by the water and cooking time. I have really begun to adore egg noodles for how delicious they are and how easy and quick to cook. They’re such a better alternative to something like ramen noodles. I really enjoyed this soup, even more than the last one I created. I came up with this last week before leaving to go camping over 4th of July weekend and have been itching to post it ever since.

Erin’s Microwave Tofu Herb Soup
½ block firm tofu, cut into soup-sized chunks
1-2 cups egg noodles
½ can corn kernels
1 ½ teaspoons dried parsley
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon dried oregano
water to cover
1 tablespoon veggie bouillon (depending on the size of your bowl)

1. Combine tofu, egg noodles, corn kernels, vegetable bouillon and water in a bowl.
2. Microwave 3 minutes.
3. Add parsley, basil and oregano.
4. Microwave 5-7 minutes, watching to make sure the liquid does not boil over.
5. Remove from microwave and eat while hot.


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