Pink Princess Pie

Pink Princess Pie

This sassy recipe is from “PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook” and intrigued me as I didn’t think the tart of pink lemonade and the sweet of vanilla ice cream would go well together. This recipe was very very simple and pretty good, though still a bit tart for me. I actually had a whole piece (instead of sharing a half piece with Jake as I did when we first cut into it) this afternoon after eating lunch and I’m beginning to change my mind about it a bit. Yes, this definitely retains the tart flavor of lemons, but the result is something that could be interpreted as a potential palate cleanser. I’d love to eat a slice of this after a particularly pungent meal full of onions or garlic. My mouth felt a bit cleaner after eating it. I don’t think I will use this recipe TOO often because of its tarty nature (though who doesn’t love a tart in the right circumstances? Haha!), I will definitely make this the next time I plan a really really stinky dinner and invite friends over. Helpful for all, in those circumstances. The first time I attempted this I couldn’t find a graham cracker pie crust in Fred Meyer so I used a regular pie crust instead. For your information, I recommend just making a graham cracker pie crust instead of settling for a regular one; the sweetness of the former makes the taste so much better. I recommend making this recipe with your kids as it is really simple and would be easy for most kids to do by themselves (with clever parental supervision from the next chair over, of course). Just make sure they understand NOT to stick their hands into the blender.

Pink Princess Pie
1 12oz. can pink lemonade concentrate
2 1/2 cups ice cream
graham cracker pie crust

1. Blend the lemonade concentrate for 30 seconds in the blender.
2. Spoon in the ice cream and blend until combined.
3. Pour into the crust and freeze overnight.


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