Spicy Watermelon Salad

Spicy Watermelon Salad

I was supposed to make a dessert for Hallie’s family dinner the night before her wedding (Friday). I had planned a crazy-awesome spread of 4 different kinds of muffins. Then I realized that I needed to complete 2 weeks worth of homework before Hallie’s wedding because the next day Jake, Elliot, some dude I don’t know yet and I are leaving to float the Copper River. All of a sudden I didn’t have as much time as I thought I was going to and I decided that I’d have to sacrifice my magnificent dessert ideas for something a little easier. Luckily before I left Tucson I found this recipe from “PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook” which sounded like a great easy replacement for what I’d originally planned. Fruit after a meal is customary in Asia, and I have always enjoyed it more than normal American desserts. So I bought a huge watermelon and made a double batch for Hallie’s family dinner the night before the wedding (there were about 100 people at this so it was like a really big rehearsal dinner the night before). I will owe her a lot next summer. I’ll have to make her 7 cakes and 4 batches of muffins to make up for it, but I am hoping she’ll forgive me. The recipe below is for ONE batch, NOT a double batch.

Spicy Watermelon Salad
4 cups cubed watermelon
1 large cucumber, peeled and cubed
1/2 a 4oz. can minced jalapeños
2 tablespoons white vinegar
2 tablespoons lime juice
salt, to taste.

1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.
2. Gently toss to coat.
3. Chill for at least one hour before serving.


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