Super Sloppy Mexican Breakfast Eggs

Super Sloppy Mexican Breakfast Eggs

It’s amazing what you’ll come up with for breakfast when you have a really intense craving for refried beans. One of the things I love about this recipe is that I tried using plain yogurt as a sour cream substitute for the first time. I had heard before that this was totally possible but hadn’t gotten around to trying it out. It tasted almost exactly the same and plain yogurt is a little bit healthier for you than sour cream. Try out some plain yogurt when you make this recipe or on your next baked potato or your next bowl of black bean soup. I know it’s hard to imagine that there are eggs in this recipe from the photo. Just remember as you look at the picture above and the recipe below that these eggs have been pleasantly drowned in such goodies as salsa and refried beans. MEGA yum!

Super Sloppy Mexican Breakfast Eggs
6 eggs, beaten
salt and black pepper, to taste
1 15oz. can refried beans
2 cups salsa, your choice
sour cream (or plain yogurt, which is slightly healthier)
cilantro, chopped
chili powder
green leafy lettuce (NOT iceberg you FOOLS!)

1. In a large deep skillet, pour the eggs. Season with salt and black pepper, going easy on the black pepper depending on how hot your salsa is. Scramble the eggs until they’re almost fully cooked.
2. Add the refried beans and salsa and mix together. Cook for about 5 minutes or till the mixture is all warmed through.
3. Dish into serving bowls and top with plain yogurt, cilantro, lettuce, cheese, avocado, and maybe even a tablespoon or two more of salsa and a quick sprinkle of chili powder (chipotle chili powder is nice).


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