Italian Seasoning Infused Vodka

Italian Seasoning Infused Vodka

Happy New Year everyone! It’s finally 2012 and I can’t wait for the world to end! Wait…what? I have a feeling the End of the World predictions are going to factor into my cooking this year. The goal is, of course, always good food first and foremost. However I also like to challenge myself. Last year I vowed to try more squash recipes, which I did. For this year I’m thinking survival recipes. Like, if the world ends and everyone at Smuckers dies, how will I get my favorite blackberry jam? Serious dilemma! I’ll keep you posted as things progress. Anyway, on to the FIRST RECIPE POST OF THE NEW YEAR! This one’s been “brewing” for a while. I’m sure most of you out there are old enough to appreciate an adult beverage every once in a while. So you will appreciate my love of infusing vodka. Every once in a while I experiment by infusing vodka with various things. Previously I’ve tried lavender, and that was quite lovely. I felt like I had posted that experiment on this blog, but a quick search shows me that I haven’t. So perhaps it’s time for a new bottle to brew. Once you try infusing and get it right it’s really easy as pie. I’m sure these measurements would work for any spice (I’m going to try basil next, I think). I love the lavender vodka the best of any I’ve done so far though, so when I infuse that I do an entire bottle at a time. I usually use Smirnoff vodka but you can use what you like.

Italian Seasoning Infused Vodka
1 1/2 cups vodka
2 tablespoons Italian Seasoning

1. Pour the Italian seasoning into a jar.
2. Add the vodka.
3. Seal the jar and stash it in a safe place for 2-3 weeks.
4. By the time this is finished it will look like a nice dark tea color.

Add this vodka to whatever you want. We’ve talked about making vodka sauce with it to see how it would alter the flavor. When we first tried this I used it in the most classic of ways, which I consider best when trying infused vodka experiments. We put it in orange juice and made it a screwdriver. Let’s face it, if the infused vodka can’t pass the screwdriver test then it’s probably not a big success. Make sure you strain the pieces of Italian seasoning out of the drink as you pour it in (unless you like it with little pieces floating around). It’s not too difficult, as the Italian seasoning sinks as it steeps, which you can see in the picture at the top of this post. What you see below is the first attempt, when I topped the drink with chopped parsley. After that I tried fresh chopped chives and that was definitely the best of the two tries. Yum!

Italian Seasoning Screwdriver with chopped parsley topping. Although honestly, chopped chives are so much more delicious.


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