Pam’s Easy Cheesy Fondue

Pam's Easy Cheesy Fondue

Here’s an easy classic from my Ma. This is a really easy cheese fondue for those days when you want to be fancy-schmancy with a little less work. This was the fondue of my childhood with two busy parents and two HUNGRY kids. I’d also like to point out my rad fondue setup, which I got from my grandma and which matches my parents’ fondue setup exactly except their fondue pot is orange. They got it when they were married, I think, so it’s a fun vintage(ish) one. I always recommend going as vintage as possible when it comes to fondue pots. It just makes it even more fun. Anyway Mom made her fondue just straight cheese. I add stuff into mine. In the dish you see pictured we added in basil and Trader Joe’s Flower Pepper. Jake and I differ on what step we like to add our “extras.” He likes to add them in right away. I like to wait till the cheese is almost fully melted and then let them sit in there for a bit. You can do it whichever way you choose. You can serve fondue with a variety of fruits, veggies, meats and breads. Really, you’re only limited by your imagination. We served it as an appetizer at a bbq for friends with slices of Braeburn apples and pears. Once the slices ran out, folks used the leftover cheese to top their sausages. I probably don’t have to say this, but: never waste your fondue cheese. If you have leftovers, don’t throw them out. Use them for nachos the next day, or do what my mother and I always did and use it to top a nice bowl of steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

Pam’s Easy Cheesy Fondue
1 can Campbell’s cheddar cheese soup
1 cup half and half
1/2 bag mixed shredded cheese
Whatever added goodies you want

1. Into a fondue pot, place the Campbell’s cheddar cheese soup and the half and half.
2. Set the temperature on the fondue pot to low heat and stir continuously till milk and cheese are mixed.
3. Turn up the heat to high. Then, starting in little bits of 1/2 a cup to a cup, add in the mixed shredded cheese, stirring to combine.
4. Once all the cheeses are fully mixed, add in any extra spices, etc. that you wish and stir well to incorporate them into all areas of the cheese.
5. Turn the heat to low and let the flavors mingle for 10-15 minutes (or till you just can’t stand it anymore), stirring often to insure nothing sticks to the bottom of the pot and burns.
6. Eat immediately.


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