Perfect Creamed Potatoes

Perfect Creamed Potatoes

Not that long ago I was back in Tucson and I was preoccupied because it was my birthday and I’m 29 now, which is a year closer to 30 which makes me nervous though I know it’s not actually “old”. Jake made me his shrimp cream soup for dinner and got me flowers. Anyway, I made this recipe for mashed potatoes a few weeks ago. The recipe was from my “Encyclopedia of Vegetables and Vegetarian Cooking” cookbook. I was really interested by the addition of nutmeg to this recipe. It was good. Not the best mashed potatoes recipe I’ve had. I think that title belongs to this recipe for Paprika Mashed Potatoes that I tried a while ago. However, it’s really really difficult to choose a favorite recipe for mashed potatoes. Probably because they’re SO good.

Perfect Creamed Potatoes
2 pounds red potatoes, cleaned, bad spots removed, and diced
3 tablespoons olive oil
about 2/3 cup half and half or plain yogurt
nutmeg, to taste
salt and black pepper, to taste
a few leaves of fresh basil or parsley, chopped

1. Boil the red potatoes till tender. Drain.
2. Add the olive oil, half and half, nutmeg, salt and pepper, and basil and mash with a potato masher till mostly smooshed.
3. Adjust spices and seasonings as necessary, even the milk, if you want it creamier.


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