Microwave Blueberry Pancakes

I got this recipe from “PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook”. I thought it would be fun to try in Alaska this summer, where fresh blueberries abound. I have to be honest, after the touch-and-go nature of the recipes in this cookbook I was pretty convinced this would not work. Happily, I was wrong. Not only did it work well, but it tasted great–the same as making pancakes the ordinary way. The one error I found was that this recipe made WAY more than fit into 2 regular sized coffee mugs. It actually made enough for 4 regular sized mugs of blueberry pancake. Another thing to note is that if you use Alaska blueberries (as we did), you will definitely need to put a bit of syrup or powdered sugar on top, as suggested in the recipe, because Alaska blueberries are not as sweet. Instructions for vegan and non-vegan (aka. using an egg and regular milk, which is what we had to do since we didn’t have soy milk or egg replacer in the house) pancakes are below. Try them plain as well, or with other fruits like strawberries or cranberries. Yum! My mouth is already watering in anticipation. I can’t wait to make this again…and I know I will. Also, please note the coffee cups used below. The pictures are painted by a famous Alaskan artist who I adore as I remember her paintings from some of my favorite children’s books when I was growing up.

Microwave Blueberry Pancakes
2 cups Bisquick
1 cup soy milk or regular milk
3 teaspoons egg replacer or 1 egg
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
maple syrup, to taste
powdered sugar, to taste
vegan margarine, to taste

1. Mix the Bisquick, soy milk, eggs and blueberries together.
2. Pour evenly into 2-4 mugs.
3. Microwave each 1-2 minutes, or till completely cooked.
4. Add maple syrup, powdered sugar or vegan margarine to taste and eat.

Microwave Blueberry Pancakes


2 thoughts on “Microwave Blueberry Pancakes

  1. Ohhhhhhhh gracious!!!! I DO remember this artist too!!! Its a most recognizable stlye!!!!! Vivid colors…..lovelyyyy!!!!

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