Colleen’s Eggs in a Cup

I know you’re really busy this week. That’s why I knew it was super important to post this as my first recipe of the week. Jake’s cousin Colleen is headed to college in the fall and she’s already learning to master the art of college dorm room cooking via microwave. She gave me this suggestion for making eggs in a coffee cup and after the success of the Microwave Blueberry Pancake recipe I decided it was worthwhile to give it a shot. Plus, Colleen tends to be pretty reliable and I know where she lives so she is not allowed to lie to me. I made just a plain version of these for this picture, so you could see how it all looks. Since then I’ve added fresh scallions on top, chili powder, black beans, and salsa. Keep in mind that the more you add the more you may have to adjust the cooking time. Experiment for yourself. I bet you’ll enjoy carrying your breakfast around in a coffee cup.

Colleen’s Eggs in a Cup
2 eggs
2 tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons cheese
any other toppings you wish (I chose scallions, a dash of hot sauce and some cilantro)

1. Mix eggs and milk together in a coffee cup.
2. Cook it 45 seconds in the microwave.
3. Stir and cook 45 more seconds and top with cheese. You can add any additional toppings in at any point in this last step, whether it’s for the last 45 seconds of cooking or throwing them on top when it’s finished.

Colleen’s Eggs in a Cup


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