Party in your Mouth Punch

Jake’s niece tries some of the punch. Notice she’s drinking from the same cup her daddy used when he was a little boy.

I decided to mix up this recipe from “PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook” for the kids (and adults) to drink. Sometimes you need to make something fancy and special. Plus, this isn’t that difficult to make. The original recipe called for microwaving the juice till the brown sugar dissolved, but I find that rather unreasonable. That means the juice is hot and takes longer to chill. Stupid, if you ask me. I just kept mixing till the sugar dissolved. If you’re an adult who drinks adult beverages then tip a little rum into your glass as well. Jake and his brother Tanner liked it that way best.

Party in your mouth punch
2 1-quart bottles cranberry apple juice
1 cup brown sugar
1 1-quart bottle ginger ale
orange slices, for garnish

1. Place the juice and brown sugar in a large pitcher and mix till the sugar dissolves.
2. Chill in the fridge at least an hour.
3. Before serving, combine with the gingerale in a punch bowl.
4. Float orange slices in the bowl.

Party in Your Mouth Punch


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