Guinness Float

Guinness Float

Guinness Float

When I read the Martha Stewart article on this Guinness Float I couldn’t believe my eyes. This sounded like a grown-ups best dream. Would it really work? Was it like heaven in a glass? I had to try it. This made last Friday night absolutely perfect. I sat outside in my lawn chair after getting home from work, with my shoes off and my boyfriend at my side in the fading light. Absolutely perfect moment. This is DELICIOUS. And it really DOES taste similar to a root beer float. Take note that in the recipe below I say to let the float sit for 2 minutes. This is really a matter of preference. Letting it sit allows the ice cream to melt a bit and sweeten the beer so that it tastes like a dessert. You can try drinking it immediately if you wish, but I found I loved it more when I let it sit for a few minutes first. Try it both ways and decide for yourself.

Guinness Float
1 pint glass, preferably frosted beforehand
2-3 scoops French Vanilla ice cream
1 bottle Guinness

1. Slip the scoops of French Vanilla ice cream into the frosted pint glass. Carefully pour the Guinness against the side of the glass being careful not to overflow the pint glass. Let the Guinness Float sit for 2 minutes before drinking.


5 thoughts on “Guinness Float

  1. we actually make “drunken moose” with guinness beer, moose tracks ice cream and bailey’s. it’s soooooo yummy!

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