Happy Birthday Jake!

We’ve been off the map and recovering here. We had a lot of visitors the last few months and now that the triple digits have arrived in Tucson we’re holed up inside recuperating and getting things done. A couple of weekends ago was Jake’s 29th birthday. He doesn’t like cakes or pies or much of any sweet thing. It works well…we’d BOTH rather have a bowl of popcorn or a bag of potato chips. So instead of a regular old birthday cake I decided to resurrect this recipe for Shepherd’s Pie for his birthday. Jake really loves Shepherd’s Pie, particularly when it’s made with lamb. And we don’t really make it often, though I’m not sure why. Anyway, this recipe is a great example of how the more you cook things the better you get at it. This was pretty damn good the first time I made it. Jake had no complaints. A good recipe is a good recipe. But he said I really outdid myself this time and that it was even tastier. This was right before he passed out on the couch due to a serious food coma. Same recipe almost exactly…I just left out the cheese this time. I took a nip of the gravy mixture before transferring it to the baking dish to make sure everything tasted okay and I was supremely happy with the result. So check out the recipe via the link above and please enjoy a few pictures of Jake’s birthday “pie.”

A lovely unspoiled dish of Shepherd's Pie! Plus fancy birthday writing...thanks gel food coloring!

A lovely unspoiled dish of Shepherd’s Pie! Plus fancy birthday writing…thanks gel food coloring!

The birthday boy and his celebratory birthday "pie."

The birthday boy and his celebratory birthday “pie.”

Total annihilation.

Total annihilation.


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