Two Good Recipes

Happy March everyone! This week I’m leaving you with two great recipe recommendations while I’m fixin’ up a new recipe of my own mad design. The first comes from a great authoress, Amy Sedaris. Her book “I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence” is hilarious and helpful for all you little entertainers out there. I made her recipe for a smokey cheese ball when some friends came to visit. It was really delicious, particularly since it involves gouda. I recommend adding bacon or chipped ham if you’re a meat eater. If you’re not you can make it just fine without meat. Also remember that many brands of bacon bits are actually made from soy, not bacon (just a cheating tip). I’m recommending you pick up this book at your local library to snag the recipe. Actually, I would REALLY recommend that you listen to this as an audiobook because the Sedaris family (Amy’s brother is David Sedaris of “Santaland Diaries” fame) has a particular talent for being the most entertaining family ever.

Smokey Cheese Ball…mid mix.

Smokey Cheese Ball…mid mix.

The second recipe I’m recommending to you comes from Greg and Katherine, reigning monarchs of the alcoholic beverage. Their recipe for Pomegranate Rosewater Cocktails is really unique and delicious. We made this when another friend came to visit us from the icy lands of Alaska. Hanging out in our backyard in the late afternoon with one of these in hand made for a pretty relaxing visit. This is probably my favorite cocktail that I’ve tried (thus far) from Greg and Katherine’s repertoire. They’re always the ones to watch for this kind of thing.

Pomegranate and Rosewater Cocktail

Pomegranate and Rosewater Cocktail

Anyway, a lot of changes are coming in the next year. Your 20s and 30s seem to be a really changeful time in life. This has held true for me, at least. And our biggest change will be a change of scenery. Hopefully I’ll have more news sooner rather than later.


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