I started this blog as my New Years Resolution for 2010.  I decided I wanted to try a new recipe every week.  At least 52 recipes in the year.  Obviously there are some weeks when I did not cook anything new and some weeks when I tried more than 1 new recipe.  It all balanced out in the end and I had many more than 52 recipes.  This New Years resolution was born mainly out of my love of being a vegetarian and wanting to learn to cook new vegetarian recipes. 

Now 2011 is here!
On the last day of 2010 I made my last recipe and, after posting, sat down to count up if I had reached my goal for the year. Not only did I succeed in making 52 new recipes…I actually went over by around 20!

Now that a new year is here, I have to think about what my new goals for this blog will be. I will continue with my idea of cooking new recipes. I will also be attempting to make my blog a little more streamlined. With a year of recipes and another year already here I need to make sure my readers can find what they need to. I’ll be messing around with the blogging software to find a way to make it easier to find what you would like to find here. I’m going to continue my quest to attempt to cook things I never have before. I would also like to explore the traditions of cooking from scratch. Obviously the more processing that’s done to foods, the less healthy they are for you. I’d like to explore the oft-forgotten realms of the homemade, from canning to homemade pasta to infusing my own vodka, etc. This adventure will also help me with my graduate school school goal for this term of finishing up my thesis, which is going to be based around our obsessions with food. Wish me luck, please, as I have a lot to do over the next few months! And please keep reading and cooking and eating with the people you love.

2011 UPDATE!
The thesis is finished and it went over very well. I have now moved to Tucson, Arizona to do ANOTHER Masters degree, this time in Library Science, focusing in Archives and Special Collections, at the University of Arizona. I have a new kitchen…and it is SO BIG and SO BEAUTIFUL. My awesome boyfriend put shelves up and…wow. Thanks to Jake for making my kitchen dreams come true! Check out the pictures of my new kitchen via the tab at the top of the blog. Now that I’m living in Tucson I am feeling the itch for a little southwest American flavor. I’m adding a commitment to learning many southwestern recipes and I plan to attempt to conquer the mighty chili pepper.

Thanks so much to my family and friends for sticking with me through my adventures! I hope you’re not only reading but cooking and eating too!

Erin Renee

We all gather around the table…put something WONDERFUL on it!


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