My Tucson Kitchen!

The first pictures of my new kitchen in Tucson, Arizona. I have no idea what’s going on with the oddness of stuff on this page. Eventually I’ll figure it out and fix it, but this’ll do for now.

This is the spice rack that my dad and I built when the 'rents came to visit last Thanksgiving. It has finally been stained and hung in its new home in my Tucson kitchen. Here it is in all its homemade radness!

Look at that spice rack that I made with my Dad over Thanksgiving last year. Beautiful eh?

View of the kitchen from the back door. You can see into the living room from here.

Spice rack on the wall, kitchen table, my coffee and tea bookshelves against the far wall.

View of the kitchen from the living room door. Sink and fridge and some of the cupboards.

Look at those beautiful shelves that my Jake put up for all our stuff! And look at our awesome gas stove/oven!


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